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Dune - 2: The building of a Dynasty

Based on the books by Frank Herbert (and the subsequent movie). The original real-time strategy game from Westwood (the people who made Command & Conquer); recently updated with Dune 2000. This game was ground-breaking at its time, but the real-time strategy genre has since undergone some great improvements, which may make this game frustrating if you're not used to doing without those advancements. For example, you can only select one unit at a time, you cannot "queue" more than one unit to be built at once, there are basically no missions apart from "kill the other players", and the three houses (the three possible teams) all have basically the same units until quite late in the game. Still, these problems certainly didn't deter the thousands of people who played this game at the time.

The basic plot of the game is this; set in the futuristic world of Frank Herbert's, one planet in the entire universe produces a drug essential for space travel, known as "the spice", the planet Arrakis, known as Dune. Civilization is organised much like the feudal system. There is one emperor who is the official ruler and has his own army, the Sadukar. Supporting him are a series of feudal lords, each of whom have fiefdoms and are based along family lines and are known as houses (each house being one family). The emperor has issued a challenge; the house who can produce the most spice in a set time will be given control of Dune and so become the dominant house in the universe. And so the plot begins, with you as a young general in one of the three houses, trying to help your house gain control of the most valuable resource known to man.

Try this game out if you're a real-time strategy fan, and want to see where it all started, or you're a fan of Dune (the game really does capture the feel of the Dune world). Otherwise I'd advise Dune 2000, Warcraft or Warcraft 2, C&C; or something similar.

  • Company - Westwood
  • Year - 1992

Download Dune - 2: The building of a Dynasty

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